Does Card Counting Still Work?

“Is card counting worth it?” That is a question other Blackjack players always ask me. The people who ask me this are still at the “aspiring pro Blackjack player” phase of their career. They’re still testing the waters and, as you would expect, have a lot of questions. But

Let’s Tackle Blackjack Myths

Blackjack – specifically professional Blackjack – has a deep heritage. It goes without saying that you can’t last very long without having encountered a few myths. Most of the gambling and Blackjack-related myths I’ve encountered are outright false. Normally, I wouldn’t bother commenting on myths. If it’s fun and

The Legality of Card Counting

“Is it illegal to count cards?” is a question I frequently hear from younger card players. It doesn’t matter whether that player is into Blackjack, Poker, or any other card game. The concept of card counting keeps popping up. It happens so much that I’ve decided to tackle card

How Do You Play Blackjack?

If you’re new to gambling — specifically, card games — chances are you got hooked on cards by watching poker tournaments on TV or online. Poker, specifically Texas hold ‘em, is one of the most popular games right now. But this blog post isn’t about Poker. It’s about Blackjack,

Your Blackjack Tournament Primer

Casual Blackjack games (or what I like to call “kitchen table Blackjack”) are really fun, and are great for developing your skills as a player. But in time you might notice that you’re becoming too good for the table. If you keep winning, maybe it’s time to move up